8020 Builders

Logo, Brand Identity & Website Design

Business Objectives

Acquire high-end design-build clientele in the metro Denver area. Promote the 8020 Builders differentiators, including:

  • Their focus on design-build (not design, bid, build), which highlights their deep understanding of the construction process

  • Their professional relationships within the industry and how that makes them more resourced than their competitors

  • Their focus on early engagement, which results in zero waste on the project

  • Their creative problem-solving abilities — they’re not afraid to move through creative tension, they believe creative tension can bring great value to the project when it’s well-informed and involves collaboration from all parties

Showcase the team — feature their individual experiences in the industry, especially since 8020 Builders is relatively new in comparison to other large-scale Denver-based construction companies.

We are driven to be a part of people’s success. We stand behind our people. We are focused on the 8020 method: execution, efficient communication, empowered environments, and out-of-the-box solutions, while also maintaining and managing execution.
— Andrea Watkins, Vice President of People and Culture


Logo Circa 2015

Design Research

Use components from the existing 8020 Builders logo. The new 8020 Builders brand should feel strong, but not intimidating. It should be easily identifiable as a construction company logo, but it shouldn’t be too similar to other construction companies. It should be portray a message of experience, dedication, and leadership. It should work well in large and small formats so it’s recognizable on a huge sign attached to an under-construction building or on a proposal letterhead placed on an executive’s desk. The existing logo needs to be modernized to reflect 8020 Builders’ commitment to staying on the cutting edge in their industry. Client input:

  • Buildings, similar or the same as the existing logo

  • Express structure and the built environment

  • Express strength

  • Touch up the existing logo

Conceptual Work

Since the client already had a base logo, the conceptual work was primarily focused on colors, font, balance, and modernization. Still, I created 3 initial concepts based on business objectives, design research, and client feedback.

Final Logo & Brand Identity Assets

The client honed in and gave feedback from the conceptual work, which resulted in the new logo and brand identity featured below. Next, I compiled a .zip of logo assets including .ai, .pdf, and .png files for several logo variations (full color, alternative full color, one color, plus logo with text and icon only). I also included a graphics standards manual, which delineated the brand fonts and colors to help the client ensure brand consistency across the board. I also designed various pieces of marketing collateral.

Website Style Guide

Brand photography by Britt Nemeth Studios.

Feedback, Iterations & Content Integration

This was the most challenging phase of the project. One hurdle was nailing down the look and feel of icons and graphic banners for the website. Below are iterations of icons from start to finish and graphic banners from start to finish.

Content creation was also a challenge — desiring very specific verbiage, the client had a hard time creating final copy for the website, and they were also passionate about developing the content themselves. I had to get creative on how to keep the project moving forward. I used Lorem Ipsum as placeholder content in several places throughout the website in order to maintain momentum. After iterating on the design and getting the website to a place where everything was finalized other than content, the client spent some time going through the website back-end and integrating their content directly over a couple months. Finally, we launched! There’s no problem unsolvable!

Final Website & SEO

Upon launch, I also wrote strategic search-friendly metatags that I loaded in the back-end of the website. The goal of the SEO metatags is to help the client’s website rank higher in search and also prompt people to click through to the ranking pages. I also created an editorial calendar, which acts as a guide for creating content on the 8020 Builders blog. I provide this strategy document to empower the client to improve their search ranking by leveraging original content creation, paired with strategic categories, tags, and posting dates for individual blog posts. View the SEO metatags. View the editorial calendar. View the website live.

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