Atlanta Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Business Objectives

Appeal to people in Atlanta, Georgia who are seeking equilibrium in their health or restoration to the communication systems within their bodies. Establish brand recognition as a new business and acquire clients as a result.

Instead of trying to control, add to, or remove from the body’s system, we ensure there is nothing interfering with the communication between the brain and body.
— Baxter Smith, Founder & Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Design Research

The Atlanta Upper Cervical Chiropractic brand should feel elite, but not pretentious. It should be unique compared to other chiropractic business logos (no spines or people jumping/bending), but not difficult to remember. It should feel warm and inviting, not cold and trite. Client input:

  • A phoenix, which symbolizes rebirth and is meaningful to the city of Atlanta

  • Railroad ties, which represent interconnectedness and resonate with the city of Atlanta

  • Trees, which give a sense of stability and connection (plus Atlanta is known as “The City in a Forest”)

Symbols like a crest, shield, or badge appeal to the client, as does the anatomical shape of the upper cervical vertebrae itself. Circuits or electrical nodes might help portray Atlanta Upper Cervical Chiropractic’s work to reconnect and heal the “circuitry” in the body.


Ideation Board


I created an ideation board on Pinterest including other logo inspirations, color palettes, and type examples. Then, I requested that the client comment with his thoughts on how elements from the pins might pertain to the brand identity for his business. View that here. This step helps me feel visually aligned with the client before proceeding on to visual design.

Conceptual Work

I created 3 initial concepts based on business objectives, design research, ideation, and client feedback. At this stage, I intentionally created three distinctly different directions. This helped us establish some hard “yes’s” and hard “no’s” for moving forward.

Feedback & Iterations

The client honed in on his vision and gave feedback from the conceptual work. We iterated and repeated the process until we both fell in love with the logo and brand identity for Atlanta Upper Cervical Chiropractic. The carousel below represents the sequential order of iterations.

Final Logo & Brand identity Assets

Finally, I compiled a .zip of assets including .ai, .pdf, and .png files for several logo variations (full color, alternative full color, one color, plus logo with text and icon only). I also included a graphics standards manual, which delineated the brand fonts and colors to help the client ensure brand consistency across the board.

I had almost no idea what I wanted when I began this process, but working with Lexi really helped put me at ease. She knew exactly what questions to ask and how to translate my feedback into a logo I’m really proud of.
— Baxter Smith, Founder & Upper Cervical Chiropractor

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