So you want to know a little bit about me?

Who am I? 

I’m a slightly offbeat, strangely organized, feminist, dogs-and-wine-loving Colorado native.

A powerful single mother raised me (you’re the bomb, Mom). She taught me how to be independent, even to her own dismay. My mom got me involved in all sorts of sports (soccer, volleyball, track & field, softball, swim team, dancing, and more) and heavily swayed me to get into math and science in school. She grew up not having focused on such subjects and wanted me to have the best education possible. I did pretty well at all of those things… I made it to state for pole-vaulting twice, which was pretty weird since most vaulters are about 5’ 0” and I measure in at 5’ 10”. I excelled in math, testing out of every college math requirement for my degree. I suppose that’s actually the reason I’m so terrible at math now; I haven’t really used it since high school. 

After graduating high school early — I was totally over that bullshit by about 10th grade — I enrolled immediately in college only to fail every class I took. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart and capable, I just didn’t know what the heck I wanted to do with my life and I couldn’t get focused. I did an internship at a big architecture firm in Denver (I had always wanted to be an architect), but quickly learned that wasn't for me.

I wanted to design this:


They wanted me to design this:

Then I took a stab at civil engineering — HAHAHA wtf was I thinking doing that? After a few trials and errors, I landed exactly where I needed to, a small college focused entirely on arts and technology education. I’m now the proud owner of a $65k pearly white piece of paper recognizing my Bachelor’s of Science in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Digital Media Design & Advertising.

I’m one of those people who is “always positive” or “always happy” on the outside. Usually, I force myself to suffer alone, which I’m making a definite effort to change. Thanks to my chosen family for helping me feel safe to suffer alongside you and feel supported. Back to my point about me being a lot like you and vice versa… human.

For the past few years, I’ve been working in application and software development, heading up the sales and marketing department. I’ve got some pretty great colleagues, but the job has still taught me a lot about the plights of being a woman in a male dominated industry. I’m going to do something to change the way women feel about themselves in the workplace. Ladies! Your thoughts, feelings, and ideas are valuable, beautifully unique, and 100% justified. You bring a unique perspective to the table. Own that shit.

My two rescue dogs, Hector and Carlos, bark way too much, but I wouldn’t trade their love and snuggles for anything in the world. I’m an advocate for adoption, because family isn’t only in your blood. It’s in your heart.


I’m afraid of alligators, elevators, and bees. I’m a happy crier — pretty much anything that demonstrates the sharing of love moves me to tears, even cheesy commercials. I love volunteering, particularly if it means I get to work with young people. I can’t wait to be a mom one day. Kids rock.

I’m proud of being named Goodwill’s Volunteer of the Year for 2014 — here I am, starting on page 19, featured in their Annual Impact Report. I am SUPER proud of the two ladies I had the pleasure of mentoring last summer as they navigated their first years in college, facing ups and downs along the way. Without them, I could never have discovered one of my innate gifts, working with youth.

This blog will very likely evolve and change, but over time, you can expect to see me posting about graphic design, business and entrepreneurship, fonts, search engine optimization, divine realizations, Colorado, dogs, and more.

Want to know more about me?