6 ways to leverage Colorado culture to grow (and enjoy!) your business

Before we dive in, I want you to know exactly where I’m coming from here:

That’s right, my Colorado Proud blood runs deep. The entire maternal side of my family lives in Colorado, barring a few distant relatives, and I’m convinced one of my ancestors is responsible for the naming of the amazing Steele Street in Denver. I have a collection of “You Know You’re from Aurora When” jokes that one of my besties and I created growing up in Aurora. I didn’t start snowboarding because it was cool, I started snowboarding because my Uncle Wayne was one of the first people to ride in Steamboat and he wanted to share his passion with his family. He has stories of pioneering change in legislation to allow boarders to share the slopes with skiers. Growing up, my mom and I took several weekend vacations to the mountains, always enjoying new adventures and lessons from across the great Coloradan Rectangle. And of course, I bleed orange and blue - BRONCOSZZZZ. I’m 100% Colorado Proud. I’m not one of those CO Natives that thinks no one else should move here (though I’ll admit I have been known to poke fun at Texans skiing in jeans). This is a great state, come over and see for yourself! We’ve got the best microbrews in the nation and our economy is flourishing!

In Colorado, work and life don’t have to be separate or regimented or staunchy. We’re all about doing what we love and loving what we do. Coloradans are challenging predefined societal norms and we are paving the way for a more enjoyable and healthy work-life balance.

Here are 6 ways you can leverage Colorado Culture to grow (and enjoy!) your business:

  1. Own the Pioneer Spirit People in Colorado are more likely to question the status quo. We are at the forefront of business change – we’re being called the next Silicon Valley and, heck, we just legalized marijuana! We’re building an entire economy around it! How does this apply to your business? Don’t be afraid to take risks in your business because people (your potential clients) are coming here looking for exploration.
  2. Bring Your Dog to Work We have a special place in our hearts for dogs. We are one of 12 states to name an official state dog and guess what we chose? Shelter dogs! We love all dogs. Where else are Pawbenders, Puppacinos, and water bowls on every restaurant patio the norm? Develop trust with your Colorado clients instantly by introducing them to your doggy companions!
  3. Don’t Subscribe to M-F/9-5 We live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and hell yeah we take a long weekend here and there! We all get it and we all love it. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy in to the idea that M-F/9-5 is a must-follow schedule to ensure business success in Colorado. Set your own hours week to week. You’ll work with more heart and more passion when you are on the job and gain more enjoyment from the times when you aren’t.
  4. Believe (for real) that Anything is Possible Our state flag consists of primary colors and it’s worth noting that with the primary color pallet, ANY other color can be created. Limitless possibility: swoon! Us Coloradans have the tools we need to make ANYTHING happen. Show your clients you believe in limitless possibility by always encouraging them and always giving their ideas a fair shot at success.
  5. Learn a New Language Colorado is the go between from East to West. We’re proud to connect with different people from different places. We are the crossroad between traditions and American history from the East Coast and the liberating promises of more from the West Coast. Epitomize that merging of different backgrounds and ideas by learning a new language. It doesn’t have to be a traditional spoken language; perhaps you just open yourself up to new perspectives, learn a new love language or learn the jargon in an industry you’ve never worked in before.
  6. Proudly Connect to Spirit In Colorado, we are a mile closer to the cosmos! Ooooooo, you just realized I am kind of a hippie, didn’t you? ;) Coloradans are — whether we realize it or not — a little more connected on a spiritual level. It’s hard to ignore the presence of Spirit in face of our gorgeous views. They give us new perspective and make us think a little further than those who don’t get to enjoy such environmental pleasures. Take advantage of this: work from the heart, be authentic, and don’t worry about what people think of you. Your clients will admire it and you’ll attract more of your ideal customers.

When it comes to enjoying a healthy work/life balance, Colorado is the place to be. Use these 6 tips to boost the growth of your Colorado Proud business, but most importantly, have fun while you’re doing it. As my Colorado Proud grandpa says, “If you can’t have any fun, go jump in the trashcan!”

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