Fox + Fern + Spirit

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Business Objectives

Create a spiritually-charged brand upon which the client can build a foundation to promote and sell products and services related to Reconnective Healing®, essential oils, herbs, crystals, jewelry, and more. Develop a brand that will help the client stand out on Etsy, where her primary store will exist.

Healing is all connected and connected to the Earth, what is seen and is unseen. Healing can come in many forms and is available to all of us at any given moment.
— Britt Nemeth, Client

Design Research

The Fox + Fern + Spirit brand should convey a sense of multi-dimensionality, magic, and healing. It should invoke connection to what is seen and unseen. The client has spirit colors (magenta, sea blue green, and bright olive green) which should be considered, but she is also open to other color options. The brand should speak to the “woo woo” community but not isolate those who are new to spirituality. It should speak to Reconnective Healing®, essential oils, herbs, crystals, and jewelry, but not limit the client to growing the business into various other directions as well. Client input:

  • Include ferns, which are ancient beings that carry light codes and healing energy

  • Include a fox or foxes, which use the electromagnetic field of the Earth

The client prefers simple sans serif fonts and is open to a fully one-color design. The logo will be used for online promotions, but it should also be well-suited for use on product packaging.

I try to imagine the logo on products such as sugar scrubs, candles, packaging etc.
— Britt Nemeth, Client


Ideation Board


I created an ideation board on InVision including other logo inspirations, color palettes, and type examples. Then, I requested that the client comment with their thoughts on how elements from the pins might pertain to the brand identity for her business. View that here. This step helps me feel visually aligned with the client before proceeding on to visual design.

Conceptual Work

I created 3 initial concepts based on business objectives, design research, ideation, and client feedback. This stage helped us establish some “yes’s” and “no’s” for moving forward.

Feedback & Iterations

The client honed in on her vision and gave feedback from the conceptual work. We iterated and repeated the process until we all fell in love with the logo and brand identity for Fox + Fern + Spirit. The carousel below represents the sequential order of iterations. One key finding at this phase was that the client really preferred their “spirit” colors (magenta/olive green/teal) over colors that might be more obvious for the subject (i.e. orange for fox).

Final Logo & Brand identity Assets

Finally, I compiled a .zip of assets including .ai, .pdf, and .png files for several logo variations (full color, one color, text only and icon only). I also included a style guide, which delineated the brand fonts, colors, and use cases to help the client ensure brand consistency across the board.

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