Frequently Asked Questions

What does “fully responsive” mean? Adjusting for mobile, desktop screens and other?

It means your new website will appear in a friendly manner on all monitors–mobile phone, templates & surfaces, and all desktop sizes. I only build responsive websites.

I want to update my website myself after it launches. Do you support that?

Of course. Any reputable, modern web design firm should support this. I offer an hour of personalized remote video training with you after we launch your site so you have total autonomy to make content updates anytime.

Will you share ongoing marketing ideas with us?

Yes. I invest my hearts into your business and I want to be a part of your success. I'll recommend commercial photography, content creation, email marketing strategies, social media ideas, SEO strategies, and more on a regular basis. I can't help it.

How do I give initial input for logo and website design?

I will email you design discovery documents when we start working together. I take time to connect with the spirit of your business before we get started and I value your input and honest feedback. Check out my blog post about how to give effective design feedback once the first pass has been sent over.

Can we use my current logo?

Absolutely. I'm happy to work with an identity that’s working for you, just send me your vector files. If you’re on the fence about using your existing logo or going with a fresh one, I'm on board for evaluating what you’ve got.

Will you refresh my current site?

Yes, I can give your current site a facelift. I start by looking at fonts, colors, graphics and content. I evaluate the site for navigation ease and SEO capability. I look for keywords in the text and the page titles and check to see if your images include alt text. Based on my findings, I'll provide a list of recommendations, get your approval, and get to work.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

I cover the gamut, I like it that way. Working with a variety of industries, from startups to established businesses, keeps me learning and keeps me engaged—and I have the experience and the know-how to support the work.

Why should I hire Hearthfire Creative?

I'm young enough to be hungry and seasoned enough to give you value. I know what I'm doing, and I do it well. Online marketing: it’s a new game and I know how to play. I consider us teammates. I'm an excellent communicator; I keep you in the loop. I listen to your ideas and share mine. I honor your deadlines; if your timing is too tight, I will tell you upfront, before you hire me. My pricing is fair and my promises are real. I'm totally transparent, ask me anything. Best of all, I aim to exceed your expectations. Every time, in every way.

Do you provide copy and/or photography?

I've collaborated with content creators, photographers, other designers, and other marketers on many projects. I'm happy to refer you to my hand-selected, vetted network so we can accomplish everything you need for your new business!

Will you support my website once it’s launched?

Absolutely! I’d never leave you hanging. I offer ongoing support to all of my clients.

Is Squarespace a good option for selling products online?

It depends. If you’re going to have more than 15-20 different products, I’d probably recommend a different solution like Shopify. Squarespace works well when there aren’t a large amount of variations and/or product offerings. For example, Squarespace would be good for someone selling physical copies of a few books they’ve written and a couple items of swag. It would not be good for selling 20+ t-shirts with different color and sizing options.

Why should I hire a graphic designer when I can use Fiverr?

To be blunt, because you can. I'm here and I'm real. I listen to your ideas and share mine. I give you customized logo selections and designs created just for you. I manage the every piece of the project (so you don’t have to). I'm a pro at design, identity, web, SEO and digital marketing—all the bases, covered. Tell me what you need and I'll get to work. You’re free to run your business.

Can I scale up my website as my company grows?

Websites are fluid, it’s one of their strengths. Unlike a printed booklet or brochure, a website can be changed without going to press. Some changes can be done quickly; others, like adding pages, images and menu headings, take some time (but generally not a ridiculous amount). So yes, your website can grow with your company. One honest word of caution, however: changing, tweaking and adding to your website should not go on indefinitely. There comes a time when websites (and logos) need a fresh start. I won’t let you go stale. Online and outdated is the kiss of death.

What about the domain name I already own? The hosting I'm paying for?

Your domain name is transferrable to your new site. If we choose Squarespace as the optimal platform for you, you'll have to host with them directly and cancel your current hosting plan.

How much does hosting cost on Squarespace? What kind of support does it include?

The starter plan (sufficient for most businesses) is the personal plan which costs ~$144/year. The next plan up is the business plan which costs ~$216/year. Squarespace offers 24/7 support via phone and email. I take pride in my quick response time and helpful attitude, so please reach out to me first with any support issues and I'll bend over backwards to help.

What will I do to back up the site? Is this included in the proposal?

Squarespace handles this within their own system, creating backup versions of your site to their standby servers. However, I recommend keeping Word docs with your website and blog content on your own machine in addition to posting them on your site.

Squarespace has a 14 day free trial. Can you sign me up for this so I get 2 weeks for free?

Yes! This is how we will kick off.

Will I need to pay for add-ons (like plug-ins and widgets) from Squarespace?

Everything is self-contained on Squarespace. You get access to all of their features (what some other platforms call modules, plug-ins, or widgets). The only cost directly associated with Squarespace is the hosting/support cost. If there is a feature we want to add that Squarespace doesn’t support (online scheduling for example), I may find a third-party tool and use that. Sometimes there are costs associated with these, though there are also many that are free. I'll consult with you along the way and promise not to throw any unforeseen costs your way.

Still curious?