Guerrilla Mamas

Logo & Brand Identity Design

For this project, I was contracted by Merritt+Grace, a local Denver communications marketing firm, to create a logo for their client.

Business Objectives

Provide social support, resources, and business opportunities for African American mamas of Denver. Establish brand recognition as a new nonprofit organization.

Design Research

The Guerrilla Mamas brand should convey a sense of community, strength, entrepreneurialism, and queendom. Colors should span multiple shades of brown and purple (representative of royalty). It should include African American women’s hairstyles like afros and braids, but not an outline of the African continent or traditional African colors of red, yellow, and green. It should portray mamas in a very strong presence and not use pastel or light baby colors. Client input:

  • Convey a “we get it done by any means necessary” attitude

  • Elements of sisterhood and community

  • A circle, which represents unity

  • A silhouette of a Black woman, perhaps with an afro

The client prefers script fonts for typography — an ode to femininity. These elements should help convey Guerrilla Mamas’ mission to cultivate community and honor the strength of women and mamas. It should incorporate both the “get it done” and sisterhood/community ideas simultaneously.


Ideation Board


I created an ideation board on Pinterest including other logo inspirations, color palettes, and type examples. Then, I requested that the client comment with their thoughts on how elements from the pins might pertain to the brand identity for their business. View that here. This step helps me feel visually aligned with the client before proceeding on to visual design.

Conceptual Work

I created 3 initial concepts based on business objectives, design research, ideation, and client feedback. At this stage, I intentionally created three relatively different directions. This helped us establish some hard “yes’s” and hard “no’s” for moving forward. One key finding at this phase was my misspelling of Guerrilla. Derp!

Feedback & Iterations

The client honed in on their vision and gave feedback from the conceptual work. We iterated and repeated the process until we all fell in love with the logo and brand identity for Guerrilla Mamas. The carousel below represents the sequential order of iterations.

Final Logo & Brand identity Assets

Finally, I compiled a .zip of assets including .ai, .pdf, and .png files for several logo variations (full color, alternative full color, one color, plus logo with text and icon only). I also included a graphics standards manual, which delineated the brand fonts and colors to help the client ensure brand consistency across the board.

This is awesome and you’ve gone above and beyond with the instructions for use. Thanks!

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