Peaceful Mind Law

Logo & Brand Identity Design

Business Objectives

Create a brand upon which the client can promote her legal services surrounding estate planning, particularly the drafting of wills for new families.

You’ll be able to sleep more restfully, knowing your children will be taken care of if a tragedy occurs.
— Client

Design Research

The Peaceful Mind Law logo should invoke a sense of family and security and it should motivate parents to consider getting legal and financial documents in place (like a will and power of attorney). The logo should appeal to millennials, primarily women. Deep green should be incorporated, but not yellow. Client input:

  • Birds

  • Tree branches

  • Nests

The client prefers professional serif fonts. The logo will be used for online promotions, but it should also be well-suited for use in print marketing.


Ideation Board


I created an ideation board on Pinterest including other logo inspirations, color palettes, and type examples. Then, I requested that the client comment with their thoughts on how elements from the pins might pertain to the brand identity for her business. View that here. This step helps me feel visually aligned with the client before proceeding on to visual design.

Conceptual Work

I created 2 initial concepts based on business objectives, design research, ideation, and client feedback. It’s not very often the design is finalized after just one round and zero iterations, but it’s exciting when that does happen!

Final Logo & Brand identity Assets

I compiled a .zip of assets including .ai, .pdf, and .png files for several logo variations (full color, one color, text only and icon only). I also included a style guide, which delineated the brand fonts, colors, and use cases to help the client ensure brand consistency across the board.

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